"...truly terrifying filmmaking" (Strasbourg Film Festival)

"without question the best film I've seen all year." (Sydney Herald Review)


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"... this feature was one of the most claustrophobic and unpleasant 84 mins I had the pleasure of spending in a darkened theatre for many a year..." Dave Down Under Blog for Film4 FrightFest. 

‎"Tin Can Man is without question the best film I've seen all year. A film so terrifying that I had to keep looking around for the safety of the cinema" Sydney Herald review. 

"Tin Can Man is a claustrophobic exercise in truly terrifying filmmaking " Strasbourg Film Festival

‎"... one of the most harrowing and disturbing cinema experiences I have seen this decade... Tin Can Man is a masterpiece..."  Melbourne Underground Film Fest



"A Hell David Lynch would take notice of" 

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

"Tin Can Man plays with the kind of fear that few filmmakers have done, or dare do, the kind of gut squirming discomforting terror that comes from not knowing what will happen but being absolutely certain that it will not be pleasant. Tin Can Man is one of the few movies that will scar you. This makes it essential viewing."
 Jack Sergeant author, curate, film festival program director'.

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